One word. “Murderitas”

Gretchen is hereby forbidden to bartend.

I’d love to blog about today, but I was couch-ridden, nursing water, kale salad, and Greek yogurt almost all day. I finally felt about 70% around 8:30 at night and was able to do some laundry and make dinner…but hot damn. 

It was my own fault. But can I please blame someone or something else? 

Jared and Rudy played video games, went to visit the goats and we all watched the movie “Maverick” on VHS. Overall, the day was very relaxing, I just wish I had relaxed by choice. 

Jared here. I was similarly out of commission early on in the day. However, since college, I found that I was able to head off the hangover if I got rid of the excess early, before it had a chance to really grab hold of me. Didn’t take away the hangover, but definitely mitigated it. After a somewhat rough night of kinda-sorta sleep, and an even rougher morning of kinda-sorta consciousness, I was able to choke down some food and coffee, then tend to the rest of the family. 

Jessi basically needed water, sympathy, encouragement, and a fan. And time. Rudes on the other hand, clear-headed, and a little bored, needed a more active dad, which I was all too happy to be. We were able to hook up his Nintendo Switch to the TV and gleefully battle each other in Super Smash Bros. (wherein I was mostly destroyed without mercy). Then we took a break to go visit our old friend Karma the Goat, who no longer lives in the house, but has been granted permanent “not stew” status. (The same could not be said for her nameless pen-mates.) Rudy was immediately able to pick her out from the other goats, and even though we don’t speak “goat”, it seemed that she recognized us as casual acquaintances from the past. But she seemed busy, so we said our “well-see-ya-later”s and let her get back to whatever it was that she needed to do. 

We said hello to the chickens and roosters, took in the amazing surrounding view of the purple mountains’ majesty, and found a tree that invited a climb. It being just under a couple thousand degrees in the shade, Rudy took a stab at it with all the fervor and intensity of a Raggedy Andy doll, and suggested we head back to the house and continue the video game massacre of yours truly. Perhaps it was my whimpering agreement to play, but he showed pity on me and opted instead for a cooperative game where we were on the same team. 

Jessi, by this time had finally felt ready to attempt some food, so I made her something light and easy on her sensitive tummy. After an hour or two of puzzle-solving cooperative gaming, we noticed that Jessi had actually begun to sit up (something that hadn’t happened all day). Her appetite had come staggering apologetically back to her, and she was up and about at the kitchen, cobbling together a delicious late dinner for us all. By 10:00 or so, we were all ready for a semi-early bedtime, so we nestled into the back of the truck, read another chapter of the sequel to “The Indian in the Cupboard”, and the grown-ups jointly swore off the sauce for the foreseeable future as we all drifted off gratefully to a peaceful and healing night of sleep. For all the misery of the hangover, I got to be a Dad today and hang out with my favorite little guy, and I got to care for the woman who has always cared for me. Best . . . day . . . ever. 


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