Back to Great Falls, MT for the “Halloween in July” show. 

This is what I spend the majority of our drives looking at.

Sometimes it’s great for blogging, other times it’s just right for zoning out. Today, for the three-and-a-half-hour trek, I did a bit of both. 

Because we needed costumes for the show, we decided to grab some sheets from Goodwill (Rudy’s, appropriately, were “Sonic the Hedgehog” sheets), some garland from Michael’s, and do our best at togas. This is how it turned out…

Hard to get the full scope in a selfie, and even harder to perform in, but, we three Fredeens are in it together so, we rocked it. However, apparently NO ONE ELSE did!!! No one else dressed up, and we were just three sweaty weirdos from Tacoma, playing music in togas. 😂

The gig was interesting to say the least. The event we were hired to play, “Halloween in July”, had not really been put together…we were informed that afternoon. So, the manager moved it inside (thank goodness since it was 96°+++), and did his best to push it as an indoor event with AC. 

We came out strong and people seemed happy, but no one was really engaging. At one point, Rudy came up and said, “Mom, I don’t feel like anyone is even paying attention.” I told him, “We can’t win ‘em all, but we’ve still gotta do our job.” People DID enjoy it and bought merch and CDs, it was just a strange vibe all night. 

We closed up shop and got out of there around 10:30. We stopped at a gas station for some water and treats, drove a bit, then ate some food given to us from a food truck while parked on the side of the road. A bit longer of a drive and we all were tired and ready to sleep. 

We found a big enough pull over to feel safe and fell asleep to dad reading from the second “Indian in the Cupboard” book. I don’t love nights like this, but I do APPRECIATE them. It’s always a good lesson for us and for Rudy to witness, that gigs aren’t always going to be glamorous, with people crying and cheering and singing our praises. But we always MUST show up. Even when no one else does, and you’re standing with your mates, in togas, playing to a room that may or may not be into what you’re doing. You never know. But you ALWAYS know who you are…so just BE it. No. Matter. What. And that feels good. 

Our view the next morning. 

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