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Glam-Folk . . .

Husband and wife members Jessi and Jared Fredeen tear up stages and crowds nationwide with their unique upbeat, roller coaster style shows, firing off gypsy-punk rock songs alongside everything from intimate tear-jerkers to anthemic foot-stompers, peppering their sets with compelling stories behind the music. With seven albums of original material to their credit, and playing an average of 170 shows a year, Champagne Sunday is one of the rare original acts that performs with stadium-level energy, regardless of whether it’s for a festival crowd or a group of coffee shop patrons.Together, Jessi and Jared have been able to create a sound that’s totally unique, fun, and captivating, with a show that packs the power of an entire orchestra. This act has a ton of showmanship, heart, and talent that makes for a captivating, powerful experience.

By booking relentlessly and taking every opportunity to get in front of a crowd all across the country, Champagne Sunday has begun to amass a far-reaching and broad fan base that even includes the Governor and first lady of the state of Washington, Jay and Trudi Inslee, who have personally attended shows. Since 2014, they’ve played nearly every week at SeaTac airport, gaining fans of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all over world. 

They’re lovable. They’re fun. They’re edgy. They’re unique. They’re not to be missed.

Band Members



Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Ukulele / Keyboards / Harmonica / Percussion

Jessi, a Southern California native, comes from a musical theatre background, which is very evident in not only her voice, but her commanding stage presence. “After years of acting in plays,” she says, “I got tired of pretending to be other people, and decided to be myself, which has been the most challenging role of my career.” With an irresistibly playful spunkiness, Jessi brings the audience into her life, sharing her experiences and feelings both in the songs and in stories between the songs. “It’s not unusual for people I’ve never met to come up to me after a show and say that they feel like they’ve known me for years.”


Jared Fredeen

Vocals / Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Harmonica / Trombone / Bass / Accordion

Jared grew up in Pennsylvania, playing in rock bands and on street corners before eventually moving out to California to pursue music full time. Being heavily influenced by the music of the 90’s Seattle scene, Jared brings a bit of an edge to the sound of the duo, leading fans to describe them as “Pearl Jam meets Bette Midler”. At the same time, with singer/songwriter influences like John Prine and Ray LaMontagne, there’s a laid back, folky quality that surfaces in his work as well.

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