As we set out on this tour, I decided to call it the “Fighting the Good Fight” tour, and I 100% believe we did just that. I’m reminded of a quote from the “Day 1” blog, “if nothing matters, then everything matters.”

Everything we did mattered. 

When we were tired but showed up anyway. To the man who cried, it mattered. 

When we stopped in to hunt for toys and chatted with the staff. To the woman Rudy made laugh, it mattered. 

When we sang for small town people who asked “Why this place and not somewhere better?”, it mattered. 

When we stayed up too late and shared intimate stories and moments with new friends and fans, it mattered. 

When we brought originality, sincerity and joy into bars used to the “same old thing”, it mattered. 

When we threw aside political and religious differences to come together as equals, it mattered. 

And, long after we’re gone, it will continue to matter. The noise we made will reverberate and ripple through the families, communities, halls, rafters, minds, and hearts of the people and spaces who heard it. The message will bury itself deep into the subconscious of the listeners and will spill out time and time again to new people who weren’t even there. 

When someone looks at a stranger and says, “Hey! I love you, cuz I’m That Girl!”, or a group of people seizing the moment, hold each other and say, “These days will never come again…”. When parents look at their babies and pledge to meet them at the “Top of the world”, or when days are tough and they remember it’s all in the “Balance”, this is why it MATTERS. It’s not just music. It’s not just entertainment. It is the through-line from heart to heart and soul to soul that will continue to reach further than any show we could ever play. 

We fought the good fight. The worthwhile fight. The fight to redeem our fellow humans and ourselves. The fight to set aside, even if for just one moment, that which so brutally divides us, and focus on what unites us, through music. Through love. 

“This one time…I don’t want to be alone.”

That’s a wrap on our 2022 Summer Tour. What a year. What a tour. “What a Day!”

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