I woke up at 6:30 am Saturday morning. Wide awake with nothing to do, no real scenery to look at or speak of (we had pulled over in Snoqualmie for the night) and a knot in my stomach. We needed to make it through the toughest day on the road yet. Two festivals in one day. The first one being a mere ten minutes from our front door, in downtown Tacoma. 

We couldn’t bring Rudy to the first gig because it was 21+, so we’d arranged to drop him at a friend’s place around 10:00 am that morning and pick him up the next day after our Bremerton engagement. We made a promise to him that we wouldn’t go home without him. This meant that even though we were sooooooo close to home, we still got ready, brushed our teeth, had coffee, etc, in the Safeway parking lot less than three minutes from our front door. It was quite something. 

Our first festival was the Brew Five Three Beer Fest on Broadway in Tacoma. It was fun to be back there to play, as we’ve done many farmers markets there, and it is the place where part of our music video “Birdies” was filmed. A beautiful stage, easy load in, AND we managed to find parking fairly close. 100% win!

The only frustrating part was that we couldn’t stay and hang out afterwards. Our friend James Coates was playing with his wonderful band, and that would have been a really nice evening…but Poulsbo was calling and we had to get back on the road. 

The Nordic Festival was the first annual one and we were asked to be a part of it. It was three bands, Nick Drummond Band, Backstreet Jellyroll (the music of Van Morrison), and us. We loved being part of this lineup because we’re all very different and it was a fun evening for the crowd. The space was beautiful! The Nordic Hill Manor, sat atop the hills over looking the stage in the small valley below.

The event was to raise money for a non-profit called “Fishline”, a company that helps families in need of shelter, clothing, food, medicine, and mental well being. The goal of the event was to raise $10,000. At the end of the night, a check was written for $13,190!!! It was epic. 


We danced and sang along with Backstreet Jellyroll as the sun set and it FINALLY got cool enough to put on a sweatshirt. After the music was over, we all adjourned up the hill, into the glorious mansion with beverages, appetizers, and great company, to visit well into the night. It was such an amazing way to cap off the six weeks on the road, surrounded by other incredible musicians, generous patrons, and just all-around great people. We felt proud of our work and were ALMOST ready to be done. First, some much needed sleep from an overwhelming day, and then one more obligation in the morning. Then…home!!


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