My friends. It’s the 4th of July. A traditionally celebrated day of independence! A day to link arm in arm as a varied and unique but UNITED nation. But I don’t feel like that today. I feel like today is a somber day to reflect on the pain our beautiful country is in. Not a soul alive should be 100% ok with all of the things happening. There is still so much to fight for, digest, cry over, and struggle through. I see that. We KNOW that. 

But I will never sit back and hide from the open arms of my freedom…what I have left of it. I understand how the humans who live in these remote and vast spaces in our country see life so diametrically different from those of us living in the cities. People who farm and ranch, fish and build are going to see things so opposite than the people who sit in offices, work in corporations, “vlog” and “influence”. It’s like we’re on completely separate planets. 

As traveling musicians, we create unique opportunities for ourselves to traverse between these opposing landscapes and try to appeal to both lifestyles as well as everything in between. I need you to hear me in this tiny platform I use to reach my readers. I am NOT OK with our country’s choices right now. I am NOT OK with rights being stolen and our whole system being time-warped back in time 50+ years. I am scared for my fellow humans. 

But, I will love my country when she is offering herself to me. I will take her fresh air into my lungs and find cleansing in her water. I will lay on her ground and feel her warm heart beating with mine. I will walk her uneven land and be reminded of the many hills and valleys that make up the very people who inhabit her. It is more important now than ever that we commune with our country when she is reaching for us. 

So today, we took a boat ride all through the Flaming Gorge on the Green River. We saw a momma Osprey in her massive nest. We watched trout leap up to feast on the migrating cicadas. We saw deer grazing and heard pine cones stretching their stubby arms out like the cracking of knuckles. We listened as the “W” flew through the canyon and greedily grabbed at my hat. We laughed as the dogs swam and fishing poles sank and Jared ate 3 kielbasa sausages… we celebrated our country by being in it. By staying with her. 

Happy 4th of July everyone. Take time to listen to your country. She’s trying to speak. 

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