Hard to believe we’ve only been gone ten days. Lifetimes of epiphanies have come and gone within our time here. We are grateful for what this corner of the states has shown us and what we’ll be taking home. 

On a lighter note…while we were here, WE WERE SPOILED ROTTEN!! Jennie cooked for us everyday. She greeted us with French press coffee in the mornings, followed by some energy-boosting, full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fruits and veggies, smoothies. Then, she’d make sure we had some incredible dinner from fresh veggie, cauliflower crust, pesto pizza, to fresh caught salmon, mustard greens, home-baked breads, ahi tuna, fresh sweet onion soup…all fresh. All amazing. 

But, my favorite was her “nicecream”! A simple blend of frozen bananas, peanuts, almond milk, and cacao powder, this evening, morning or afternoon treat hit me in all the feels with it’s nod to the  child-loved “frozen banana” resemblance, plus the creaminess of ice cream, all while appealing to my grown up, health-conscience preference (and stomach) for a non-dairy, non processed sugar, frozen treat. Essentially a LOT of words for, “Damn. Yum.” Jennie has a true gift for welcoming her guests and does it with an absolutely pure and joyful disposition. She was gracious and kind far outside the call of duty and we felt like royalty the whole time we were in her home. 

Randy and his “Baloo”-like countenance warmly greeted us each day with a big smile. His white, shoulder-length curly hair escaping from its ponytail holder in an all out coup to the oppression of a hair tie. His skin, tanned and leathered from days gardening, fishing, building, living. His massive hands, gentle to swoop down and offer the tiniest, tasty morsel of that morning’s breakfast to his canine wards, Sophie and Charlie. And his huge gut-laugh, bellowing out from the very depths of his lungs while he regaled us with stories of his days as a bodyguard for Bon Jovi, or how he had to finally leave the music department at Utah state because it made him sad to not be able to give every talented student a scholarship. A genuine gentle giant from top to bottom. Randy has tried to get us to come see him for 15 years. So glad we finally were able to make the trip. 

These people were friends when we arrived and family when we left. We are sad to say goodbye but will always find them when we’re out in the wild making music. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. 

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