Today was just more and more and more road. We did need to get some blog work done, so Jared found about the nerdiest coffeehouse he could for us to spend time in: Battle Grounds Cafe in Bountiful, UT. Seems harmless enough based on the front window picture, right?

Wait a minute. I see it now. It’s a dragon around the coffee cup. What could that possible mean? “Hey! You look like you’re “draggin’…you should have some coffee!” Nope.

It means we have entered another world of dragons, wizards, swords, dice, and cards. I kid you not, Jared addressed this particular figure by his name, and summoned Rudy to go take a picture with him. I half expected Jared to roll his personal dice to discover the outcome of the encounter between Rudy and the wizard… (it was friendly and the wizard took Rudy in as an apprentice, much to the delight of Jared)

(Jared here: To be fair, it’s not a character that I know of by name. All I said was that he seems to be a Drow elf. And he’s probably not a wizard. I’d put my money on him being a Ranger or more likely some Rogue class. Not sure if that helps my standing any.)

After a few hours of blogging while people came in and out, oohing and aahhhing over the various games and figurines, the soundtrack to Halo playing on the speakers, all while the three or four men working there, loudly shouted game lingo and challenges at one another, I was ready to eat and get back on the road. I was absolutely THRILLED to discover that In-N-Out Burger, an absolute childhood and So Cal STAPLE, has migrated its way into Utah, and there was one twenty minutes from the coffeehouse AND on the route we were going! Alright Jared, we did YOUR thing, now we get to do MINE!!! 

Fred chilling against the iconic red and white stripes!

A striped selfie!

One time, my brother and I had a competition to see who could put an entire In-N-Out burger in our mouth. Clearly, me and my giant Satchmo mouth won the competition. The prize was another In-N-Out burger. I was not upset. I’ve never passed up an opportunity for one of the best burgers around (and yes, I KNOW they’re not everyone’s favorites, but they remind me of sunny beach days, friends in Jr. High and High School, and that young feeling that anything is possible and the only thing that matters is right now. I still live that way, just less In-N-Out).A darling young man in his truck saw me struggling to capture a selfie of our family and the famous logo and offered to take a picture. He did such a great job!

As far as I was concerned, our trip could end right now. 

So happy, full, and completely satisfied, we pushed ahead the remaining six hours of our journey, crosswording, listening to music and comedy specials, and admiring the absolutely breathtaking scenery of Utah and Colorado. Just the drive in this part of the country is worth the trip. 

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