And so, we did. 

Last night, after the show, Jared was wide awake and so he did the first 2 hours of the 8 1/2 hour drive just to take the edge off for me today. Rudy said, “Let’s SLIVE”. We didn’t know what he meant, so we asked. “Oh, you know…sleep and drive.” So, dad drove and Rudy and I “slived”.

First thing we woke up to at the rest stop a bit outside Spokane, was Rudy exclaiming that his tooth finally fell out! Good thing too, cuz I was tired of calling him “Cletus” all the time for sucking on the damn wiggly thing and twisting it around in his mouth. I told him the tooth fairy totally knows he’s on tour, and will find us in the hotel tonight, for sure. 

Today I needed Jared to rest and so I did the bulk of the day. As far as drives go, this is one of the best! The Big Sky state didn’t disappoint. As I cleared through rainy Idaho and into the clear blue, freckled with clouds, big open Montana sky, Dave Matthew’s “You and Me” blasted on the stereo and the urge to call home and say, “Sell our stuff, we’re never coming back!” hit hard. 

I truly understand why the road and the sea are oftentimes compared to a lover, an affair, a forbidden romance…it’s enticing as all hell, full of wonder and adventure, new viewpoints, breathtaking beauty, and completely magic while you’re wrapped in its arms. But the sustainability of a life with such a moody and unpredictable lover is a short-lived fairytale at best. When the blissful haze wears off, you’re left wondering how you’re going to give your child consistency, pay your bills, create a stable environment. Then you remember you’re an artist, and realize that’s all up in the air anyway, so you may as well get back on the road, and the cycle begins again…

Anyway, caught up in the daydream that only a drive through Montana can provide, the hours sort of dripped by with the mini summer raindrops that we collected then recycled across highway 90. 

Then we switched drivers for the last hour and a half and realized that we broke our “fill up at half tank” rule when we looked at Miles to venue-43

Miles to empty-23

Gas stations on route…. gas stations on route…hello? GPS???

Phew! Found something! Onward to Great Falls, Montana. 

The Show:

7-11pm at the Celtic Cowboy, a sports bar/Irish pub (kind of like Tacoma’s Doyle’s Pub). We played here at the very end of tour last year and it was the first day of the big state fair, so there was light attendance. This year was definitely better. Also, except for a couple servers, the staff was all new to CS. They LOVED us! I always really appreciate it when the staff gets into the music. That usually means that when we come back, they are excited and tell customers about us and that brings in more business. The staff all bought various kinds of merch and are already plotting ways to help promote us for our return in July! The customers loved us too and also bought all kinds of new stuff and said they were going to come out to our show the next night in town. Whether they do or don’t, the point was that they had so much fun that they wanted to come back! 

We didn’t meet our drink quota, so the bartender invited us to come back to the bar the next night and have a couple on the house. Now, that is service! 

Our little embassador.

After 8 hours in the car and 6 more at the restaurant with little to no complaint, tonight’s award for best tour mate goes to Rudy! He sang with us, he drew pictures, he danced for the audience, he convinced the bartender to give him a toy walrus, and he stood by the door giving hugs to the group of fans who stayed the whole night. He was charming and kind and helped load out the gear with us. He didn’t love it, he was bored, he was 5! But he hung in there and made the best of it. 

We got to the hotel, watched a little tv, and slept the sleep of a thousand years. 

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