Well, now I want to bike ride! So, Jared took me out to the 10-mile loop!! Oh!!! It was glorious. We went early enough in the morning to beat the afternoon heat, and it was a good thing, too. Another 95°+ scorcher predicted (just barely escaping next week’s 100° and 102° predictions). The bike path was easy-challenging and so reminiscent of our bike path in Ojai, where we would ride several times a week, and where my sweet Jared proposed. It was a perfect morning…but, even after the simple 10 miles, my butt hurt! 

While we were riding, Bonnie took Rudy to the park, where he tried to hug kids, but they kind of looked at him funny. We’re working on boundaries…I want to teach him that not everyone wants or needs a hug, and all the stuff that goes along with that (consent, personal space, choices, etc.), but I never want to squash his sweet spirit. It’s a daily thing. Anyway, he still had a great time though.

When we got home, Bonnie let me use her beautiful kitchen and I put together a salmon salad fit for a king…it was almost too pretty to eat. Eggs, blueberries, seeds, tomatoes, feta cheese, mushrooms, all tossed in oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkled with pepper, and served with apple slices. I can’t wait to get home and get cooking again!! 

After lunch, we had time for a swim. Not much, though, so we promised Rudy a night swim after our show. 

The gig was mediocre. The place was amazing and the staff top-notch, but the audience (and there were a LOT) was more into socializing and such than listening to a band. Over the 3-hour gig, we connected with a handful of people, but we were mostly there to just be a band in the corner. To illustrate the scene, at one point I went into the audience to see around a wall/pillar that was blocking my view of about 1/3 of the crowd. A gentleman at a table of 4 invited me to stand on their bench, so I could be seen better. I talked a bit before “That Girl” and had pretty much everyone’s attention. . . except (I kid you not) the people at the table that had invited me to stand up on it. . . .they talked through the whole song. With me standing right there. Several audience members kept shooting the oblivious four chatterboxes dirty looks, but to no avail. I’m actually pretty used to this, but when they made a point in front of everyone to bring me to their table, then talk the whole time. . . it was really hard, and this being the second to last gig of tour, I felt a bit defeated. It’s at moments like these that I am so grateful for the fans who have continued to support us for so many years. I am thankful to love my job, the musical and life partner I have to create with, and the beautiful boy we made to share it all with. I really have to dig deep and stay positive because these kinds of nights are truly the rarity. We have worked so hard and have so much to be proud of. That needs to remain the focus. And, for tonight, it will be my take away. As much as I want to be mad. . . part of that is just the road-wear, anyway. 

Tonight after the show, Rudy came up with tears in his eyes and said, “I think I’m all done with tour, Mommy. I’m done being a good traveler. I’m done meeting all the people. I’m done sliving in the car. I’m just done.” Then he cried. Hard. Oh man, it just got me. I asked him to just be a soldier for a bit longer. We only had one more day. “I know, Mommy. I will. But right now, I just need to cry.” 

Me too, buddy. Me too. 

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night . . . “

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