You know it’s a good ol’ fashion day of lazy when you watch Karate Kid 2, and THEN Karate Kid 1, only getting up to do some laundry, and then finally decide to get ready for the show. I do so wish that I had more to write, but it would be a whole lot of “. . . and then I turned onto my side because my neck hurt. . . ” as well as some of “. . . then Jared did some computer stuff and Rudy sat next to me.” So, I’ll spare you… buuuuut then this happened!

I suddenly shot up and looked at Jared and mouthed, “WE FORGOT THE TOOTH FAIRY VISIT!!!” Because we were so tired, we (all) forgot the most important event of the day prior: Rudy’s lost tooth! So, our sweet Angie (who plays the tooth fairy at home because her handwriting is different than mine) pre-hand-wrote 3 letters (he has 3 very loose teeth) and sent them with us in the very likely chance they’d get lost on the road. Also, I had bought 3 new toothbrushes (that’s what the fairy brings with each lost tooth). So we were ready. Buuuuuut, like I said, we ALL forgot. So, it’s a good thing Rudy had an accident in the bed the night before, so while I was changing the sheets with Jared, I got to fix my mistake. “Rudy! What’s this under your pillow??? Oh my gosh! The Tooth Fairy found you in Montana!” And there was much rejoicing. . . yeah! One Superman toothbrush, $5, and a special letter from the TF herself and we were back on track! #parentingwin

Mighty Mo Brewing Co:

They built a stage! (Where there never was a stage. . .) This was a great surprise, because the restaurant is a two-story space with brick walls, high ceilings and a huge open floor plan. The acoustics are not great (boomy, echoey, etc.), so the stage really helped to at least make the band presence a bit better known! 

Because of all the rest and quiet we got during the day, Jared’s voice was back at about 70%, which really was nice! A few people DID come back from the previous night, and even a couple of people showed up from when we came to Great Falls last year! Despite the minor sound inconveniences, it was a nice 3-hour gig, finished by 8:00, and out the door by 9-ish.

Since we had an open tab at the Celtic Cowboy, we journeyed back to pay a visit to our bearded, Viking-esq bartender, Erik, one of the kindest people we’ve met in all of our travels. He gave Rudy a toy walrus (Rudy named him “Tusky”) the night before, and made promises of hot toddies that we TOTALLY took him up on. It was total bliss sitting with our boy, bellied-up to the bar, toddy, chocolate sundae, toddy in a row, making sweet conversation with our new buddies from Georgia and enjoying the bluegrass duo on the stage, picking and yodeling away their life lessons and heartaches. It was a scene from a movie. When our son started crying into his sundae about a scene from Despicable Me 3 that he just thought was “so, so very sad, Mommy.”, we knew it was time to head home to the hotel. Tomorrow had promises of a “Rudy Day” that we had to rest up for, so we gave hugs and took off. 

A bit snackie when we got back, we thought we would each have a piece of pizza from Rudy’s leftover dinner. Even though we knew Rudy had dropped the whole thing on the gravel outside the car, we thought it wouldn’t be so bad. We weren’t right. A couple crunches in, we gave up the gravelly ghost, and passed out!! 

Tomorrow’s another adventure! ‘Nite CS fans!

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