Something that has always continued to astound me about our music in particular, is how many lifetime bonds have been formed over it. We have special friends, who we consider family, that date back to the infant years of Champagne Sunday. Because a song touched someone or a story was so relatable. Jared and I have taken the extra time with our fans, and it has made a huge difference. These amazing people aren’t just fans of some tunes we wrote, or really “dug a groove” we laid down once. The Champagne Sunday fans have housed us, fed us, supported us, bought merch, cd’s, reached out when we felt alone and come out, year after year, to shows, big or small, to rally behind the duo with no genre, and cheer us on. They have listened to us share, and, in turn, have let us into their secrets and stories, and have opened their hearts, arms, and lives to our crazy adventure. Some of the ones who helped shape us have been Roni and Bruce Depue, Chris and Brendan Peters, Donna and John Raskin, the whole staff and regulars at the Margarita Villa, “Killer” and the whole Thames family, Lori and Henry Hoorn, Brian Gingrich and Caria Martins, Corey Dowty, Danno and Jessica Rankin, Steve Amend, 90% of all of our babysitters in Tacoma, Jill and Alan Ater, Brad Carpenter, John Saunders, Erin Keenan, Dee and Michael Spinella, Tutu and the Long Beach crew, Richard DeLaine Monks, and probably a hundred+ people I forget as we drive to Montana at 12:30 on. Thursday night, or, Friday morning. So, it’s no surprise that we recently added to the list our newest “Framily” members (fans/friends turned family), Phill and Bonnie Yenney. And these incredible humans are who we stayed with our first night out, who arranged for a sitter for Rudy, AND, who single-handedly, brought in 9/10ths of our audience tonight! 2 stories so that you know where they stand in our “closest framily members” list. 

  1. Rudy called us from his new Gizmo watch (a GPS tracker/speaker phone/text/game system we bought him for our OWN peace of mind) during our show. I said I would only answer if I could. I thought it would be funny in the middle of the show. He said, “I’ve participated enough in things here. You m ready to go home. And by home, I mean Bonnie’s.” Just the sweetest. 
  2. When the show was over and Bonnie went to pick him up and bring him to us, he hugged the whole family, and then, about 20 min later, he was in tears talking about how much he missed Bonnie already. 

So there it is folks. You KNOW a kid won’t lie. Well, maybe some will, but ours sure won’t just to please us. So it is real. And we all feel it. And it is directly because of the music. 

With Jared not feeling great still, he stayed inside, tea-ing, medicating and otherwise hydrating himself. Sir Rudyard and I spent the day by the pool, working on cannon balls, inventing new kinds of kisses, (“Mouthful of Bees is my new favorite) and playing a game I called “Mommy Tsunami”, in which I become the tidal wave that knocks him off the raft. It was so much fun. My favorite part of the day, hands down, was when he created a character named “Honey Bee, or Ruby” who talks like a disinterested, consonant-dropping valley girl and walks like he’s in a fashion show with a kissy face. I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. Sun kissed and worn out from water play, Bonnie graciously offered beer and ice cream treats to aid in our fatigue, and we curled up like cats in the Wenatchee sun. It’s not often that I’m not really looking forward to playing, but after such a warm, lovely day with my boy, I was a bit melancholy to have to leave him. 

The Show at Radarstation:

This was our 4th time playing at Radarstation over the past few years. The place has grown thematically to be one of the coolest, quirkiest, most intimate venues we play. Ron Evans runs the place and, along with TV dinner movie nights, bizarre art shows, burlesque and drag performances, and open mic nights, Ron is always trying new things to bring fabulous, goofy, thought provoking and cutting edge art in all of its forms to Radarstation. We are truly honored to be part of that scene. Especially because we literally can do anything we want at a show there, and it’s not only acceptable, it’s revered! The governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, even came to see us there once, (and you can bet your bottom dollar that he did not leave without some Champagne Sunday all over him.) This show proved no different. 

With J being sick, we did a lot of songs where he didn’t sing at all. As hard as it was to not be able to share with new fans the cool harmonies and solos that Jared has written, it forced him to really communicate through his instruments!! He tap-danced the night away from trombone to piano, harmonica and accordion, and of course, shredding his electric guitar parts with ease. So many of the songs we chose were outside of what we normally do, and it was refreshing and fun and the audience loved it, sending us off with a standing ovation! Overall, a really cool night. And, I got to have my very first “French ‘75”…(and my second and third, as well!)

Thank you A-wen-AT-chee! 

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