Not gonna lie…I thought this might prove more interesting. I guess Anaconda is the name of the town. I feel slightly ripped off…

So. Much. Driving. 

Finding a place to eat and sleep away from the giant lightening and rain storm we spent the past couple hours in was top priority. We had grabbed dinner supplies at an Albertson’s a couple hours back and now we were hungry! Sundance, WY had a beautiful (from what we could see) truck stop that was exceptionally clean and provided tables with shelter from the rain…but not the wind. 😂 As a matter of fact, they created these small wind tunnels that made it comical to eat in. But we did anyway and it was fun and funny!

Dinner in the wind.

When you sleep in a 4’x6’ space with a 4’x4’ “bunk” 18” above you, chances are, at some point, no matter how deeply you love your travel companions, you are gonna feel the pinch. It’s also gonna happen a lot sooner if one of said travel companions is a highly energized eight year old with a serious case of the giggles. 

I’m sure that sleep happened, because I woke up. But, I’m not sure at what time the wiggles and restlessness ceased. A storm shook us awake around 4:30 am, but just enough to roll up the windows and head back to slumberville. 

It is a delicate balance on the road, getting along all the time while allowing each other moments of “alone time” or solitude. We’ve mastered it pretty well, but every once in a while, dad needs to sternly give a “gentle” reminder that he’s been driving all day and needs to let his brain relax. Of course, then he still reads to us for quite some time…what a dad. What a man. 

My favorite quote from the day, sort of summing up our time back on the road was, “You know why I like that it’s just us now? Cuz I can just let rip the biggest and loudest farts and I don’t have to hide it or even apologize because we all just laugh. That’s family.” 

And sometimes, love is just as simple (and gross) as that. 

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