I love Rudy Days because we get to justifiably spoil our son and just spend the whole day focused on him. Today was a day to celebrate having him back with us, to celebrate him completing two weeks on his own at camp and having a great attitude about it, and to celebrate him just being a rad kid who, for the most part, keeps up his spirits (and ours) while stuck in a truck traipsing around the country with his parents for the majority of his summer vacation. 

We started the day with two of his favorites: A mango smoothie and an everything bagel with cream cheese! No pictures because it was early. So there. Then, we knew we were taking him to a movie around 1:00, so we had some time to kill. He’s always loved the kids’ science museum in Tacoma, so we found one in Casper, WY and started our day all brainy-like. (That’s what it says on smart people degrees. “Here’s a diploma for your very brainy-like work in astrophysics, Mr. deGrasse Tyson. We are honored to present it to you.”)

Once we were through being all brainy-like, we took Rudy to a movie: “Thor: Love and Thunder”. We all had a really fun time. Was it the best Marvel film? Not in my opinion. Did we all thoroughly enjoy it and laugh a ton and was it perfect for our day of fun? Absolutely!!! Worth every penny. 

Next on the list was a new transformer. Casper, WY boasted of their “Toy Town”. We popped it into the GPS and headed there. On the way, since it was a surprise, we kept telling Rudy different things we were really taking him to. The Poop and Broccoli store, the oil change place for a four-week camp on car maintenance, the dentist for a special celebratory root canal, etc. But my favorite was the taxidermy place where we said we were taking him to get him stuffed so he’d never grow up…and so he’d finally shut-up in the back seat. We all laughed super hard. Rudy peed a little. 😂

Toy town was a joke. They said “I’m sorry. We don’t have regular Transformers. But, we do have the “World’s smallest Transformers” right over here.” Rudy was so unimpressed. We said thank you and quietly left. When we got back to the car, dad said, “Well I hope you have the WORLD’S SMALLEST GOOD DAY!!” Oh my god. We all died. Target also failed us. Fortunately, Walmart came to the rescue with more than enough choices. Rudy picked one almost immediately, inspected and reviewed the rest, then settled on his original choice. Happy and grateful boy. 

Dinner was next. Mom and dad “finally” got to have some fun. 😂 

Excellent Mexican food! Plus, I dared Rudy to  shove the rest of his fries in his mouth. And, making me so proud, I could barely stand it, he dove right in. No hesitation!

So proud. 🥲

The last thing to do was find dessert. Well, let me tell you. We spared no expense in getting our son the high-quality, upper-class, nutritionally packed treat he deserved. Ok, so it was basically road garbage…but he’d never had one (yes, we’re telling the truth) and it was “Rudy Day”, so his first package of Twinkies it was!!!!

He loved them. Who doesn’t. But they will not make it into our daily snack bag (currently containing apples, assorted nuts, broccoli, hummus, and a slowly waning can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles, if you’re at all concerned). 

Anyway, it was an incredible day and so important to do when most days are so full of stuff to distract us from one another. It was nice to just focus on our little man, while he’s still little and loves to do stuff like this…

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