Medford, OR

“Hey Jared, how’s everything going out there?”

“Basically, I just keep breaking things for Kim to fix.”

And this was the progression of Day 14. We needed to do dishes, but didn’t have water. We needed to cook food, but we were out of propane. The generator had stopped working, so we couldn’t charge anything (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) or use the microwave. So we can at least go to Costco. 

While Sandi and Kim took Rudy in to shop, Jared went to the bank and I stayed “home” and cleaned and vacuumed. Once everyone was together again, Kim attacked the generator and Jared started in on the fresh water tank, off which he promptly broke a hose that was probably 25 years old. So now that needed to be fixed. Kim was in and out of the auto parts store getting pieces for the generator, and now Jared was joining to get pieces for the water tank. The auto parts store guys became pretty familiar with the two of them. So much so in fact, when Sandi, Rudy and I went in to stretch our legs, the guy said, “I recognize that hair!” Apparently, they’d watched our videos. So, we’re famous at an auto parts store in Medford, Oregon. 

While Kim was outside fixing the hose Jared broke, Jared was inside trying to help, but more so just getting in the way, so he decided to make himself useful at the generator…you know, the one Kim had been at all day? Well, he fired that thing up and Kim about lost her mind! That was her dragon. She caught it and trapped it, then Jared wandered on over and killed it. She was pissed! But it was funny. We were all just grateful it was working again…for now. 

So, some success, some set backs, some failures. Then, BLAMO: Johnny B’s, “The Best music venue in Medford”…according to the Internet. 

Place opens at 8.

We approach the doors at 8:10…knock. Nothing. 

We wait in the RV. (With running generator, I might add)

We get a knock at 8:20.

It’s “Johnny B’s” girlfriend, telling us that they’re late, it’s slow anyway, load in when you want, start when you want, play as long as you want… (Start time was scheduled for 9)

Kim didn’t begin until 10…because no one was there, and we were told “the crowds were coming”

The owner felt so bad, she rebooked us for our return trip for a weekend night with the promise of a better crowd. 

Regardless, we were well-treated, got a couple pitchers of free beer, and got some cool pictures! Enjoy!!

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