Trifecta Addendum: Part 4

Monday morning, J gets a call from the mechanic and he says, “Oh sorry. I don’t do transmission work.” Doesn’t even look at it. Just says “nope.” Would have been LOVELY to know this ANY of the 5 times they talked on the phone. 

Even worse, Jared’s transient cold had taken up actual residency and was throwing a party in Jared’s lungs and throat. He didn’t even drink a beer with Kim and me…things were bad. 

Something happens when you feel like you have nothing to lose. Something either lays down and dies. Or…it gets up, “Roars it’s terrible roars, gnashes it’s terrible teeth, shows it’s terrible claws, and rolls it’s terrible eyes!” (-“Where The Wild Things Are”, by the way). I feel like the All-In Tour roared that day. We didn’t have the huge crowd that we had on Saturday, but it didn’t matter. We played for ourselves. We played for each other. We played from a place of desperation and overcoming. Jared made that cold his bitch when he hit his high note in “Birdies”. Our cry of “We don’t want to be alone!” was sang loud and answered with shouts of “You’re not!!!” We finished our show as a trio, proud and triumphant. We were loved and cheered on and, again, tears were shed as we said our final good-byes. 

The Villa was, as per usual, so good to us. And even the load out down the elevator that is usually such a pain in the butt, seemed a bit sad while we were finishing. 

Ventura/Ojai, thank you. Thank you for your sunshine, warmth, beaches, mountains, margaritas, beers, delicious Mexican food and safe neighborhoods to park in. But most of all, thank you for recharging us, believing in us and reminding us why we do this! All-In So Cal! We’ll be back!!! Xoxoxo


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