Trifecta: Part 3

The morning sun hot in the sky shone down on the trio as we drove into Ojai for the second time. A little lighter and a little sad, Sandi had left us Saturday morning, and because we were pretty busy all day, we had little time to think about it too much. But, today was Valentine’s Day, and we were missing our “4th member”, and Kim was missing her sweetheart. Jared had picked up a hitchhiking cold sometime during the night, and he was coughing up the crud, and hanging in there. I was missing my boy and had developed some neck/shoulder/back muscle pain that I couldn’t work out, due to weird sleep and guitar strap and just stress in general. Needless to say, we were all relieved this was our last show and that we got to bring it down a bit. 

The venue, Full of Beans, has one rule. Due to it’s neighbors, volume needs to be at a minimum. To be exact, “Please play quieter than the wind chimes.” So, Kim and J and I got to get real sentimental, tell some untold stories, and really sink into some deep cuts and B-sides that we don’t usually play. Jared and I used to play here in our Ojai days. Every other Sunday, 1-4. We learned everything about dynamics here, truly embraced how to be a duo, and most importantly, honed in our skills on playing quiet, but still with intensity. Best lesson. Kim really shone too, pulling out originals she hadn’t done in years, and lending some heavy emotions to some covers that seemed to blossom behind her voice more than the original artists. It was a cathartic day for all three of us, as we really relaxed, sunk in, and enjoyed the music on both sides. 

Later that evening, we rallied our troops to accompany us to the OBC once again! Food, beer, a Valentine’s cake provided by my momma and a ton of great conversation filled our evening and we headed out with happy hearts and full bellies. 

I’m sure you’re all on pins and needles about the state of the Lindy. Quite frankly, I was tired of writing about her. But, I’ll fill you in. We knew coming into Ventura that there were big problems and we’d have to fix it. Having mom’s car relieved the immediate urgency to do something about it, but the time had come. The plan was to bring the RV into a mechanic Monday morning. Our assessment was that something may be wrong with the transmission. We had tried to get it in the Wednesday we rolled into town. He said he couldn’t look at it until Friday, then Friday he told us he was having the driveway around his shop re-paved…so he couldn’t look at it until Monday. Ok. We’ll wait. 

Then we get a call from the Margarita Villa. Monday is a holiday and they think the patio will be warm and busy. Will we be in town another day? Do we want another gig? Well, that’s a great way to kill some time while we’re waiting on the RV to be fixed!!! Absolutely! We’ll take it. All-In! 

Hope replenished, we slept well and hard. 

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