Your silence has me worried.
Did we upset you?
Are you being passive aggressive?
Are you needing something new?

You have sent us on wild goose chases
For tools to caress your pieces off.
We’ve regrouped like a poorly attended family reunion,
To listen to your last breaths and coughs.

This game is a weary endeavor
We’ve got little to money to spend
and less patience to spare
Your stubbornness won’t bend…and I don’t think you care.

We need the power
You need a home
We’d hate to leave you
In the trash alone

Something must give
We’ve been more than fair
The lights have grown dim
A deep cold’s in the air.

To the doctor we’ll go
And get you your medication
Then we can leave the nonsense behind
And finish our vacation…
I mean job. Now do yours.

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