Aaaaaaaand the 3rd tooth is out! First thing this morning, once we determined his tummy felt all better and, yes, it probably WAS the strawberries in the lemonade, the wiggly tooth had jumped the gum ship in the middle of the night (I’m actually stunned it didn’t commit tooth suicide while it was being poured over with last night’s dinner) and was laying in the covers next to Rudy. 

This kid now has 4 huge holes where his teeth should be. Looks like it’s gonna be smoothies for awhile!

Found us a YMCA in Missoula! So grateful for a workout and some showers!! Rudy got in some playtime with new friends, we picnicked on the front lawn of the Y, and then headed over to surprise Rudy with a visit to the infamous Flying Squirrel! I did NOT participate this year. (See last year’s blog about the ankle.) 

Blacksmith Brewery in “Stev-i”:

Well, you guys did it again! If a whole town could hug us, that’s what it feels like to be here. Even the mayor is a fan! Came back for a second show a year later. Fans came out and brought their old albums for us to sign, bought new ones, stickers, T-shirt’s, and proudly proclaimed, “I’m THAT GIRL!” Babies danced, people laughed and sang along. Of course, of course, of course we’ll come back. Thank you for the immense love! (And the delicious jalapeño IPA!) 

From here, we have a ten-hour drive across Montana to Spearfish, SD to make in two days’ time. We’ll try to get a few hours in tonight and find a rest stop to camp in. 

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