Photo shoot day!!!!! 

Our friendship with Barbara Potter began waaaaaaaay back in 2014 at the illustrious D.B. Cooper Music Festival, where Jared and I got wicked sunburns. Barb was there to photograph the bands Sweet Kiss Momma and Jessica Lynne Witty, and Barbara had on some super-rad pink boots that I spotted out of the crowd of 10’s of people and just HAD to compliment! Thus, a shared love of footwear, music and uncomfortably hot festivals began, and we knew Barb would take our photo one day. Fast forward to however many years later. Barbara and her husband, Ben (with whom we hung out after our show at The Scoreboard on Day 29), have moved to Nashville, Barb has indeed taken many photos of us, gone on to photograph tons of Nashville beauties, won several awards for photography, and just happened to be open this week to take another wild photoshoot for Champagne Sunday. She also was fresh off her photography conference trip to Ireland!! This lady MOVES!

She asked me what we wanted to do in this shoot. I said, “I’m not sure, but we’re showing up with a bouquet of balloons, a bottle of whiskey, and enough shoulder pads to outfit a football team. So let’s see what happens…” And happen it DID. DUDES, we ended up in a military airplane hanger with me dressed like a disco ball. I am telling you, I love our job!!! Obviously, the photos aren’t done yet, but we took some fun behind the scenes ones.

Jared helping Barb lay this glorious “Mardi Gras” pink backdrop (after clocking me in the head with one end of the spool…probably on purpose)

Hello…is this “80’s Mall Glam Shot Day”? Why yes it is! When the light is right… But what I would have done for a soft focus boa draped over my shoulders. 

Damn. That man though.

Ok. My dream shoot. I LOVE balloons!

After a few intense hours of posing, dancing, strutting, bending, playing, singing, and overall goofing off, we were ALL ready to head back to Ben and Barb’s place, where homemade ribs, whiskey tastings, pool and hot tub, and loads of conversation awaited us! 

Poor Ben was bombarded with a tornado of energy when we arrived, and I’m sure that’s why the tour of their (extremely BEAUTIFUL house) culminated in their (extremely WELL STOCKED) bar, so he could pour us some drinks and have us calm down. Hahahaha! 

Absolutely wonderful hosts, Ben and Barb were delightful to hang out with and we were all a little surprised that, although we have technically known each other for maybe nine years, this was the FIRST time actually hanging out together! The night flew by with a dinner I never wanted to end, swim time under a clear Nashville sky (accompanied by a FaceTime call from our Rudy boy), hot tub with one last beverage for the night, then finally crashing into bed for sweet dreams and cozy….


The smoke alarm (that APPARENTLY had been letting Ben know for a few months now that it had something to say) chose this very moment to say it. No, to SCREAM it. Once the initial shock wore off from being abruptly awakened, throwing on pants, waking Ben up (who, after removing the battery didn’t work, just pulled the damn thing from the wall) and all of us settling back down, I said, 

“Was that for carbon monoxide?”

“No. It’s a smoke alarm.” Ben said.

“But that’s weird because there was no fire.” I said.

Turning back over, about to hide under my pillow from the light, I added, 

“Probably because Jared is so hot.” 

Yep. Even at 5:00 in the morning I still got it. I never did quite fall back asleep again. Maybe it’s because I was replaying my hilarious joke in my head, or maybe I was just uneasy now, but Barb made bacon in the morning, so all was forgiven. Although, Jared did say this would seriously affect their Yelp review. 

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