How did we do this? We came to a town where literally thousands of humans pass through daily, over half of them musicians or artists of some kind. How does Champagne Sunday come into Nashville, play some open mics, a couple of showcases, and then go out to dinner and get recognized and shouted at while walking on the sidewalk? I don’t know. But Wednesday night, after a lovely dinner, and the “East side’s BEST margarita”, THAT is exactly what happened! Three bars, and as many hours or more later, these are what we have to show from it. 

We may never be rushed around in limos, play Nissan Stadium, or frequent penthouse suites in major cities around the globe, but dammit, we are a band of and for the people, so with the people we shall play!!! Thanks for spoiling us and making us feel like true rock up-and-comers!

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