“All of these things will pass by, when I lay down and close my eyes. Tomorrow’s sun is gonna rise…” 

Champagne Sunday (“What A Day”)

Just an infinity pool overlooking a vineyard and some grazing cattle. That’s all. No biggie. Who lives like this?!?! Forget the hotels, we’re staying with Uncle Chris from now on!

Image-1Waking up to this view, my Aunt and Uncle making bacon and coffee and fresh fruit, Rudy happy and excited to be outside, things really felt positive. It was a lovely morning of recounting old stories, my family getting to know my tour “family”, and a bit of relaxation before we hit the road. Chris even took Rudy out to pick a huge navel orange right off the tree! Rudy sat on the counter and devoured the fresh, California orange while juice dripped all down his face and shirt. He was in heaven. 

Because the RV was sort of squeezed in at the top of a driveway, we let my Uncle Chris back it down. He has experience with RV’s and trailers and he did a great job! We did see a softball sized pool of fluid under the RV… Something to watch for later. We knew it would get worse, just not when or just how much worse. Anyway, such a nice visit. My only regret is that we didn’t get any pictures of the family. 

We had 2 hours and 3 minutes until we were on the sunny beaches that Jared and I used to call home. My mom was going to meet us for lunch and all was fine! 

First, we stopped for gas and checked the fluids. We were severely low on oil (it wasn’t registering on the dipstick, so we were damn near out), so we drove to another place to fix that. Then, about an hour from Ventura, we overheated. Now this isn’t something unusual for the Lindy, but with all the problems leading up, it just felt so heavy. We pulled into a rest stop and just sat and waited. While we did this, we just wondered when this would all end. Kim knew it was transmission-related, but not being a professional mechanic, she had finally reached her threshold of knowledge and also patience for the Lindy. Jared knew it was engine related, but had reached his threshold of monetary dumping into an endless pit, and was exasperated with the situation on all levels. Sandi and I were trying to stay calm and positive but were as deflated as the rest. Rudy chased butterflies and collected sticks and was glad to be outside…

Image-2Once it was cool enough, we limped the Lindy up the last bit of grade before turning down towards Golita/Santa Barbara. She ran hot and chugged hard and we thought it may be the end for our “Life Fantastic”. Then, like a blind dog sniffing its way home, Lindy caught wind of the salt sea air, took a deep breath, cooled down and cruised all the way into Ventura, where mom was waiting at a “Last Supper-esque” spread of chips and salsa, beer, onion rings and fries and open arms to hug her road-weary children. 

With our bellies full and our bodies rested, we parked the RV in the old parking lot where Jared and I spent many, many days, and headed to the ocean to clear our minds. Well, Kim, Sandi, Jared and Rudy did. I took mom home so that I could borrow her other car to use while we’re here. So grateful for my momma and the tremendous help she’s already been…

That night over some margaritas and games of Uno by candlelight in the RV, the All-In Tour discussed our next moves, weighed out options, and reconnected as friends and tour mates. We have 3 more gigs to play and we are ready to bring it. And…if we have to be stuck somewhere while Lindy gets surgery, I GUESS we can manage being stuck at the beach…

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