We all know Kim Archer is a beautiful woman. But short of having, “I am a lesbian” tattooed on her forehead, she possesses a certain look that usually deters men from hitting on her. Except in Gresham, OR. This guy was fairly oblivious. Sauntered up, gave her a moseying head-to-toe with his eyes, concluded with a failed attempt at a GQ pose and said “You look fresh”. She just shot him a look like, “Huh?”, said “Thanks?” and walked on.

Well, lucky us, Captain Oblivious* is the guy tasked with filling our RV propane tank. So after hitting on Kim, from inside the RV, Sandi and I hear the guy say, “I’m not really sure how to do this…” And then a huge “whoosh” of liquid followed by Jared and Kim shouting “Dude! Turn it off! No, over there! The valve is over there! DUDE!!” Sandi and I immediately jump out of the RV, only to see Kim and Jared rounding the back of the RV with exasperated looks on their faces. Luckily, nothing bad happened thanks to the numerous safety features included in modern propane tanks. Bullet dodged. 

So, because it was Sunday, and we ARE Champagne Sunday, we began our day with a bottle of the bubbly and a lovely brunch at Sweet Betty’s (Gresham). Then we headed to my cousin Rian’s to watch football and pick up baby Rudy who had spent the weekend with her 3 littles. Rian laid out a spread of dips, chips, cookies, veggies and more champagne…and whiskey, and vodka…and more champagne and more whiskey… Some highlights include: Kim and Chris whipped and nae naed, Jessi put several things on her head including a live dog, a Spiderman mask and a tour “pig” (which is actually a stuffed gorilla), Sandy napped through 7 shots, then woke up to catch up with us, Jared sat at his computer for the most part nipping away at pieces of work and popping up occasionally for a wicked photo bomb. Basically, here is a picture blog to complete the story. You’re welcome. 

*Note: After the ordeal, we got to talk to him a bit, and he turned out to be a pretty nice guy. 

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