Monday. We have officially been here a week, and I feel like it’s been several. If this is your first blog and you are just joining the adventure with Champagne Sunday, we have been on the road since April 12 and in Nashville for one week of that. Go ahead and read just the Nashville portion, Days 21-27, and you, too, will feel like it’s been longer than a week! 

When we are at home and a month goes by, often times it just kind of floats by like a quick blip. September brings the beginning of school and you’re talking about Halloween costumes. Before you know it, Christmas has come and gone, and you’re making resolutions and preparing for spring… it’s wild how fast time can go. I’m sure that others feel as though time drags when they’re in a routine. Everyday feeling like a Xerox copy of the last, and you just pray for a paper jam to help break up the monotony. We’ve certainly been through that as well. But on the road, time isn’t real. Time only matters when there is something to actually anchor you to it. A job, meetings, kid’s schedules, etc. But when you are out in the abyss, beholden to no one and nothing, it’s super weird how rubbery time feels. It sort of bends and squishes with the will of the day and the opportunities that present themselves. We find ourselves less stressed because we learn to move with it. As our minds become more malleable, and time more fluid, it seems like everything is both light years away and right next door… am I high? No. I promise. It’s just time…man. This photo pretty much sums up the way we live our lives right now.

Anyway, welcome back. 

Monday was primarily a work day. Catching up on laundry, blogging, laundry, blah, blah, blah. We wanted to get everything done so we could go out that night and check out The Scoreboard where our gig was Tuesday night. We dressed up and headed out, excited to see this place. Well, our first impression was how huge it was. Known for being Nashville’s “Largest Covered Outdoor Patio”, it didn’t disappoint. The stage was in the back corner an sat up about 3 1/2 feet from the floor. In front of it was a huge dance floor. The focal point of the room was the huge rectangular bar in the middle, surrounded by stools and TVs. Then, all along the outsides of that, there were many tables for diners to enjoy the music without having to sit directly at the bar or stand on the dance floor. 

When we arrived, there was a band playing. Extremely talented musicians. Incredible female vocalist. All country cover tunes, except one really great, obscure Alanis Morissette song called, “Uninvited” (which I couldn’t help feel was somewhat directed at the audience…) and really tight arrangements and harmonies. What boggled our minds was how you couldn’t differentiate between these musicians and DMV workers… they really all looked just as miserable to be up there as if they were stuck behind a desk all day. Honestly, I wasn’t even looking for a huge Gaga-esq production, or a Shirley Temple sweetness to gush off the stage, I was just hoping to see a glimmer of enjoyment for what they were doing. They were all so talented…but it didn’t seem to matter. It made me a little sad, and I couldn’t help but wonder how you get to that point in music. Where it becomes a bother rather than a blessing. When you go to work everyday, just counting the minutes until you can clock out. I truly hope we just caught them on a bad day. I can’t imagine being that good, but looking that defeated… 

However, it was important for us to see. Five years ago, we would have looked at them and thought, “We will never fit in here.” “If they are THAT good and STILL seem unhappy, what in the world are we gonna do?” But this time, it really just charged us up. We are Champagne Mutha-F*&$ing Sunday, and we are here to have a great time playing music, loving each other, and making friends. We succeed the most when we focus less on “Who is watching?”, or “Who can help us?”, and focus more on “How can we connect with these humans?”, and “Let’s get up there and have a blast!”

And on Tuesday night, that is just what we did!!!

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