I feel like a broken record. In these blogs for this tour, so much has been:

“These people are amazing”

“This home is beautiful” 

“The audience loved the music”

“People laughed and cried”

“We sold so much merchandise”

Well, it is all true. 

What I’ve learned during all of it is that “like” indeed attracts “like”. Jared, Rudy, and I do our best as a family, musicians, and especially humans, to stay positive and believe that we are in the exact place we are supposed to be at any given time. It isn’t very often that we pine for the past or long for the future. We do get excited for things to come, and sometimes have melancholy over things in the past, but for the majority of the time, we choose to live fully in the present and really take in the moments we are experiencing. Because of that, I believe our audience always becomes keen on that concept and fully gives in to be part of it. The result is usually an evening that feels like a precious bubble in time, ready to be filled and then float away to join the millions of other moment bubbles in the universe. We create a shared space with other humans that is so unique because we design it to be so. We don’t just recycle songs and stories. We craft our shows to remain relevant and topical, while somehow feeling timeless and familiar. People who see us several times, sometimes two nights in a row, always comment on that quality, and it is so important to us that that be the case so we never grow stagnant. We let the energy from our audience guide our musical offerings, so they feel like an equal part of the journey that we are leading. Each audience is different, therefore every show should be different. 

People’s time is like currency. When they give it, there’s an unspoken expectation to receive something in return. We do not take that charge lightly. Do we always deliver the most desirable goods? Maybe not. But we do always try. We strive to be authentic and genuine, fresh and joyful. And, because of that, we get that given right back. Our audiences tend to flood us with their gratitude and love, sharing their stories that our songs sparked in them to tell, confessions of their own pain, or convictions that they too struggle with. 

Bringing people together on an equal platform using music as the vessel is a huge responsibility and honor. We may not always act serious on stage, but we take our job extremely seriously. And, as long as people keep coming to listen, we always will. 

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