Just so you all don’t think we’ve lost our goofiness or horrendous sense of humor. Here’s a literal slice-of-life look into 90% of the conversations Jared and I share. I’m sorry to disturb anyone, but this is just how it is.

So, as people began filing in to watch the piano recital that we mentioned in our “Day 11” blog, one older man and woman wheeled in a harp. I mean, a full-sized, golden harp, and placed it in the corner. At this point, we didn’t realize there was an actual piano recital getting ready to start, so we just sat, somewhat befuddled at the appearance of the harp. Finally, as more and more people packed into the coffee house, Jared looked up at me across our laptops and said, “Is Mick Jagger coming to play that harp, or what?” Amused by the visualization of that concept, Jared then said, “Man, I REALLY want to Photoshop his face onto some classical harpist’s body, but I know what a colossal waste of time that would be for a cheap giggle.” I said, “You must! It’s never a waste of time if it brings us joy.” So…again, I’m sorry, kind of. 

So, if you ever wondered what philosophical, thought-provoking, relationship-reflecting, conversations Jared and I have, it’s pretty much mostly shit like, “What would Mick Jagger look like as a harpist?”

You. Are. Welcome.

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