39 feels GREAT!!!

“Look at me like I’m a child, and flash me your best pirate smile!”

I am 39 years old. I’m the best mother I know how to be, but still not nearly as good as my own mother. I’m the best wife I know how to be (and maybe just a bit better than my own mother – mom, you better be laughing). I’m the best entertainer I know how to be, perhaps not Bette Midler status (yet). I’m the best friend I know how to be, albeit a bit sensitive and forthcoming at times. I’m the best daughter I know how to be, even when I’m certain my parents may not agree… I’m the best person I know how to be, following suit of my husband, who is the best person I know, period. 

All of these things have so much room for growth and I am excited to do so. As I thoroughly enjoy the final year of my 30’s, I will keep my eyes forward, staying focused on growing up (not out!), growing more patient, growing more kind, growing more productive, and growing more and more in love with this life to which I have been given an all-access pass. May my light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel attitude never waiver, even when the tunnel is long and dark. 

Thank you everyone who made 38 beautiful. Let’s make 39 even better. All my love, Jessi. 

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