After the stop n go traffic getting into the city, the harrowing narrow navigation of the residential streets, Siri not comprehending the unbelievably non-existent turning radius or U-turn capability of our 32′ of streamlined 1989 Ford Lindy RV/trailer vehicular capacity, then trapcing our gear down the street (in the bike lane…you know, Portland) in the POURING rain, into a dark bar that was completely dark and looked closed AND that never put up the posters we had sent weeks prior, only to be “warmly” welcomed by the barkeep/owner with a kind, “Hope you’re bringing people. Set up over there.”

I’ll tell you what…there were 2 people there that night. And, you know, we gave a hell of a show. This is what it means to be a professional musician. This is why we work so well together. Kim, Jared and I high-fived, raised our beers and cheersed to the fact that this is our life. We GET to play music for our job. This is why we celebrated after the show with smiles, vodka and cheeseburgers. This will be a grand adventure!

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