In no particular order, here are some of the things we did to fill our time:

Played music at bbq

Enjoyed a bonfire – played music there, too!

Redecorated brother’s apartment

Went to an amazing restaurant in Louisville called “Seviche

Connected with family – got in some good Auntie and Uncle time


FaceTimed with Rudes – tried animal emojis 

Slept in

Networked with other musicians

Booked shows for summer tour – cool music fest in Colorado

Made Nashville connections

Drank bourbon

Emailed Louisville contacts for gigs

Almost burnt down brother’s apartment putting something plastic on the stove (good catch, Jared)

Bought a silver statue of a gorilla

Played with dogs

Did yoga

Did workouts

Did a band workout with a douchey, paddle board, hippie-led, instructional video, and remembered why we don’t work out together: Too much laughing

Went to an incredible art walk in Louisville

Bought some art

Went to a surprisingly good Italian restaurant called “Milano’s” in Shelbyville

Saw mini ponies

Went to Walmart (more times than we’d have liked)

FINALLY found a Chase bank

Left notes all over brother’s apartment 

Drove a bit

Laughed a lot

Cried a little

Here are some fun visuals:

Three Amigos at El Nopal. (Jared looks like he is surprised to be in the photo!)
He had NO blankets or pillows?!?!? NO BLANKETS!!! I fixed it.


The “Live Laugh Love” is an inside joke. I got him the most obnoxious, college dorm room edition I could of it!


Simple and clean bathroom… for now.


Dining area (silver gorilla a must)


Who’s having more fun here: Me, or Nova?


Right where we’re supposed to be.


Italy in Shebyville at Milano’s
Baby shark, doo doo do doo do doo…


Family is forever!
Jared’s Birthday present. As a HUGE fan of the novel, Moby Dick, Jared stopped in his tracks at this piece. That was enough for me tp say, “We are buying it!” Since we share a bank account of our Champagne Sunday earnings , I said, “I’ll pay for it with the portion I earned from singing!”

Suffice it to say… we are 100% ready for the next part of this journey. 

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