On days of shows, if we aren’t driving, and especially if we haven’t gotten to rehearse/gig in a few days, we like to grab our guitars and just warm up the digits and pipes (which I also think would be a cool album title, “Digits & Pipes”). We got a few tunes in, and thought it would be a cool idea to record the new one we’ve been throwing out at shows, “Don’t Wait”. We’ve really been digging the response to this tune and it will definitely go on the upcoming album. If you’d like to see the video, we popped it up on our Instagram and FB page, etc. Check it out! We’re pretty proud. Here’s a still from that recording…

The Grange is located in Hamilton, MT, and was about 20 min from where we were staying in Victor, MT. It is a potluck event and all run by the local farmers. Once a month from Oct-April, the “Grangers” host a band and set up tables and a dance floor, bring food and have drinks provided by the Bitterroot Brewing Co., and raise funds for a local non-profit. This was the last concert of the season, so they decided to raise funds for themselves, The Grange! It’s a suggested donation at the door and at the bar, but there’s no charge for any of it. It’s just a bunch of farmers sharing their food, time and support of one another, raising money for something the community needs, and enjoying the music. We were warmly welcomed back for the second year in a row (with a pending booking for next year as well!) and had a wonderful time with the locals! People danced, sang along, laughed, and listened as we wove our stories and songs together, showcasing once more that, despite the outward appearance differences of Carhartt vs. sequins, we are all pretty damn similar. We were sent home with a case of their local stout, “Cold Smoke”, and one of Miller Light…just so we don’t go and get a big head about anything! 

By the time we got back to Gretchen’s place, another Manhattan was awaiting us, as well as sweat pants, puppy snuggles, and some much needed music-sharing of our favorite artists. Gretchen, a massage therapist (along with all the other millions of things she does), did some serious work on Jared’s feet and shoulder, so he went to bed more loose from the massage than from the whiskey . . . maybe. 

Tomorrow morning’s 7:00 a.m. alarm will not be kind to us, but a sunrise photoshoot has our name written all over it and we are excited!!!

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