All I have to say, for the rest of time, is THIS is the ultimate winner of “Best Ways To Welcome A Band Into Your Home”.

Although this was just because our hosts had just emptied a liquor cabinet, AND had a bunch of left over booze from their daughter’s recent wedding, we just pretended it was all for us and smiled at how thoughtful they were to put it so close to the bed we’d be sleeping in. 😂

For the past few years of knowing Steve and Ginger, they have spoken super highly of their friend, Steve Fulton, who owns and operates a little gem of a recording studio in Boise called Audio Lab. On occasion, Steve and Ginger have utilized the Audio Lab facilities to put on “house concerts”. This really works out well for both Steve and Ginger as well as the artists because they can invite more people than would typically fit in their living room, and the artist gets a really beautiful place to play that is fully equipped with all their sound needs. Plus, the Audio Lab benefits because, let’s face it, the more people who know about your business, the more business you get…it’s just good business. 

Anyway, our meeting with Steve Fulton was a love connection that has been a few years in the making and so worth it! He ran such beautiful sound for us, really staying tuned into all of our dynamics and nuances. He also is an extremely talented artist himself. He opened for the Wallflowers recently, and is opening a few dates for John Hiatt (whose hit song “Have a Little Faith In Me” we used to cover) this fall, including out our way at the Federal Way Performing Arts Center in October! Steve has built a recording/performance space that is an absolute pleasure to play in and we look forward to coming back to do it again!

They even had a baby grand on the stage that Jared played a couple times during the show. It was incredible! 

Quite like many Champagne Sunday shows, this one was absolute magic. And even though we played a hell of a gig, I’m giving the credit to Steve and Ginger for this one. We heard the similar response several times, “We weren’t even going to come out tonight, but Steve and Ginger kept telling us how much we would love it and to just trust them.” You know you’re in the presence of great humans when a whole room full of people come out to a show just based on their word. We now have forty more fans because people trusted Steve and Ginger and decided to take a chance on a new band!

Now to head home to that liquor selection at the foot of our bed!!!!

While that sounds more like the “rockstar” thing to do, in reality, we went back to Steve n Ginger’s, ate some meat and cheese, had a small bit of whiskey, chit-chatted, and passed out. I mean, it’s early in the journey. We’ve got to preserve ourselves for the road ahead. Thanks for riding along!

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