1. 10 Best Dressed 4:37
  2. Snow 3:41
  3. Ruin 4:34
  4. Smile 3:02
  5. Little Red Corvette 3:31
  6. Elixir Salesman 5:37
  7. That Girl 5:30
  8. Top of the World 3:54
  9. Matchstick House 2:44
  10. Happy Day 3:36
  11. In the End 2:55

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Jessi Fredeen – Vocals, guitars, uke, percussion
Jared Fredeen – Vocals, guitars, bass, piano, accordion, harmonica

Additional Musicians:
Forest Beutel – Banjo, backing vocals
Angie Lynn – Backing vocals
Jon Rook – Drums
Kevin Shintaku – Upright bass on “Elixir Salesman”
Fleur Wood – Backing Vocals
Wesley Wood – Mandolin, backing vocals
Gretchen Yanover – Cello on “In the End”

Produced and mixed by Jon Rook

Engineered by:
Jon Rook
and Dave Smith (Crash Bang Booom Productions, LLC)
with assistance from:
Shad Woodman (Decade Sound Studios)

Recorded on:
Nov. 16th and 17th at Decade Sound Studios (Tacoma, WA)
Dec. 20th and Mar 22nd at Uberbeatz Studios (Seattle, WA)
Apr. 22nd and May 21st at Crash Band Booom Productions, LLC (Milton, WA)
and various tracks at various times at our home.

Album layout and design by Jared and Jessi Fredeen
Photography by Sydnie Couch of Deer Creek Media

Mastered by Harold LaRue

All songs © 2018 Champagne Sunday, except That Girl © 2016. All rights reserved.
Published by Faraca Rocks My Socks Off Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

There is never enough time or space in a forum like this to express how grateful Jared and I are for this life that we have. We have worked very hard to bring you a quality collection of songs that you can take home with you and connect with. It is our hope that this music becomes the soundtrack to your happiest car rides, your introspective thoughts on the state of our world, and your intimate moments of the realization of love all around you. It is our gift to you and our privilege to share the most honest parts of us with you, because you have given us so much as well. You, our friends, family, and fans have showed up, lifted up, and stood up for our stories, listening to every word and helping bring to life our songs every night we play our music. It is because of you that we are who we are and why we will continue to do what we do. We love you and are excited to SHINE with you through this album. Thank you again so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

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Release Date : November 11, 2018