Today marks the one year anniversary of Champagne Sunday’s relocation to the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s recap:

April 28th, 2012: CS releases their 4th album, Heaven Knows, and begins their trek up the coast to kick off their 2012 tour in Tacoma, WA

2 Weeks Later: After an overwhelming reception from friends, fans and family to the new CS sound and album, trumpet player, Even Rohar decides road life is not for him and leaves the band. This is a huge turning point for Jared and Jessi.

May-July: After frequenting many open mic nights and pushing for gigs, J n J muscle their way into a bi-weekly gig at a local wine bar, Cork!, where they begin to hone their sound as the duo they have been left as. This is also the month that J n J decide to move up to the Pac NW for good, the best decision made to date.

Aug n Sep: Jessi gains employment at a local bar while Jared gets work as a freelance web designer/ go-to bitch for a turd of a businessman, ultimately teaching Jared how NOT to run a business and leading him to his own clients after breaking away from siad “turd” altogether. (but that doesn’t happen til December) All this time, Jared is still in school for web design and he n Jessi are both working like crazy to book gigs. Oh yeah, football season is upon us at this point and Jared finds his seat at the bar every Sunday to watch their new home team, the Seahawks, while Jessi slings drinks and keeps customers entertained by creating drinks like “The Hawk-sucker” and the “Boy scout”. Hell of a season to be Hawks fans too!

October: Drive back to CA to retrieve their belongings and say good-bye to their CA home and friends and family. That was a tough time… At this point, Jared and Jessi find a darling apartment in Tacoma, right on 6th Ave and move in upon return from CA. This officially marks the first place Jared and Jessi have lived since 2009 that wasn’t on wheels or belonged to someone else. Apparently this was of some comfort to the couple, for within two weeks of residency Jessi was pregnant…although she doesn’t find this out til late November.

November: A nice Turkey Day with Jessi’s family. J n J establishing roots and still playing gigs, but wondering if they need to form a “band” again. Jessi pees on a stick and everything shifts in the world of CS.

December-Jan: A slower winter than CS wanted. After the crazy busy winter of 2009, when CS toured up in Tacoma/Seattle before, J n J thought they would be rolling in the gigs. This did not seem to be the case this time. Although the gigs they played were great and the fans kept growing, there wasn’t the moving forward that they were craving. So, they started really pushing and reaching out and the ball began to roll! CS got in with a community of musicians associated with Maurice the Fish Records. This had a huge hand in aiding and connecting  CS with several new gig opportunities and acts to play with. They got booked for the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle and thought putting a band together would be the best idea…turns out, not really.

February: CS sticks to the duo format, once and for all, and is proud to do so. A giant success at the Hard Rock Cafe, CS heads out into 2013 strong. The gigs begin to pour in. Fortunate enough to have made connections with a few Tacoma bookers, Seattle bookers and random music lovers around the area, CS began to receive several calls with gig opportunities. Felt good to be wanted!

March: J n J get the first image of their soon-to-be-son, Rudyard Rizpah Fredeen! Baby plans start to be made for the upcoming months along with several visits from family and friends. The Fredeen’s will stay busy, that’s for certain!

April: Gigs trump baby…well, not really, but almost. With Rudy’s due date 13 weeks away, CS sits down to view their upcoming schedule, 22 gigs in 13 weeks. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? At this point, Jared is 8 months from completing his BS in web design, (and that’s no bs… Oh, come on…I had to!), Jessi is 13 weeks from the big squeeze, and CS is busier than ever! I guess it’s a good thing that Jessi’s April fools joke was unemployment! Ah well. For the best, really.

May 1st: After enjoying a beautiful 75 degree day with some margaritas (Jessi’s fake, of course), Jared sits completing a newly designed, CS website while Jessi and the Tasmanian devil growing inside her wrestle with their dog, Miss Etta James. The homeless/crazy residents of 6th Ave lumber by beneath the glow of the fire department garage lights, and the tattoo parlor beneath their apartment turns off the  “Jimmie Eats World” Pandora station they’ve been enjoying (as a welcome change from the usual Reggae) and closes shop for the night, the duo of CS can’t help but reflect on the remarkable rewards of taking a huge leap of faith, following their hearts, and always remaining true to who they are, whatever that may be and wherever that path may lead.


We look forward to the next year of adventure!

“I never really think about what I might be doing ’round this time next year”, Leather Life, CS


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