The drive up here was gorgeous, even though we drove through the mountains (arguably the most spectacular part of the journey) at night to avoid overheating. Sunny and clear, if a tad chilly the farther North we went. I was taking my turn behind the wheel with Evan riding shotgun, reading the weather reports of various familiar areas off his Droid.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what the forecast was for our destination. “Hold on, let’s see. . . Tuesday: Cloudy with showers. Wednesday: Cloudy with showers. Thursday: Cloudy with showers. Friday: Partly cloudy with showers. Saturday: Cloudy with showers. Should I keep reading?”

“Please, no.”

Oh yeah. Tacoma. The land where the sun is on vacation for eight months of the year.

Last night, my parents flew out from Pennsylvania to visit us on tour, and we ended up at the Spar. We walked in and were enthusiastically greeted by several friends/fans who made us feel right at home. Oh yeah. Tacoma.

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