It’s a little bit missing that you never knew

It’s discovering someone who’s a whole lot like you

It’s listening more and talking much less

It’s crying and laughing at secrets confessed

It’s same taste in hats, and same taste in shoes

It’s same colored eyes, not quite green, not quite blue

It’s hugs to make up for no hugs at all, just wished we’d been hugging more since we were small

It’s honesty, courage, and thoughts insecure

Is she more like me, or me more like her?

We will never make up for the time that we lost, but for sure keep on trying, whatever the cost. 

Blame has no place in the love that we share

The past is just that, and we’re both well aware

Strangely familiar and strange all at once

Excited to find out what it means to be “us”. 

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