First off, I’m just gonna say, there won’t be many pictures documenting our time or our show here at Sun Meadow. It’s not allowed and pretty creepy, so there’s no photographic evidence to support that we played here… but there is smile evidence!

Our show was in the main social gathering center where people eat their meals, check in to the resort, watch concerts, etc. Off of this room you can find the kitchen, library, upstairs gym, bathrooms and showers, yoga space and massage studio, and the main office. There is a small stage with a piano on it and a really cool lighting rig above. All the tables and chairs were set up so that people could sit and listen to the show. Also, in the loft above, there were several recliners for when they have movie nights. Those were also available for people to sit and watch the show. Because we had spent the entire day prior to the show getting to know people and enjoying the park, it was definitely a little easier and more fun to play for our new friends. They gave me a place to set up our merchandise. I did but I thought it was ironic because most of the stuff we sell is clothing! 

But we did sell stuff! It was actually one of my favorite shows. Margie, the woman who booked us, cares a lot about the music she brings to the resort. She goes to music conventions every year to find out about new bands and acts that she thinks will be a good fit for the park. Some of our favorite people have played here before, including, Jessica Lynne Witty and Sundae + Mr. Goessl. We felt like we were in good company and we were excited about being so well received. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves during our show. We got to play some tunes that we usually have to leave out of our set list because they may be too intimate or quiet. It was a perfect room for all the nuance that Champagne Sunday can bring to a show. These are the kinds of shows that keep us truly fulfilled by what we do. If we learned anything during quarantine, it was that our audience is as critical to every show as we are. They are the third member of our band. And when all things align, pure magic is made. 

We had a wonderful time getting to know our “Newd” fans after the show. Someone came in with Crown Royal on ice and Margie gave us her favorite beer, Cold Smoke Scotch Ale (from Missoula), and before long, we’d made friends with a few people from Boise, ID and booked a house concert at Steve and Ginger’s place for our return trip!!! 

Side note about Steve and Ginger. They are parents as well who have a clear love of their family and each other. We felt immediately connected. We started talking about road trips and such and Steve said that their family has a way to describe their experiences. It’s the “what type of fun was this? Type 1: easy and obvious fun. Fond memories, fun to recall and reminisce about. Type 2: A bad or difficult time that, in hind sight, makes for a great story and fond memories that only get better in the retelling. (Their favorite type) or, Type 3: NOT fun. DON’T talk about it ever again. It never happened.” Jared and I loved this way of labeling experiences. It just seems so funny. So, if you hear us describing our shows or this trip in any of these ways, you can credit Steve and Ginger for this lovely anecdote!  That being said, this day was definitely a Type 1 fun. Really cool with fond and deep memories to have forever. 

Also…the spider made Newd friends too!

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