What a darling little town!!! Today we were scheduled to play a pick-up gig at a spot not known for having Sunday music, but they gave us the spot because they originally booked us Friday, then realized they already had an act booked for that night. I feel like that was nice business. The pay was pennies, but better than doing nothing. So, we decided to look around in the town until we had to set up. We were told by several people we HAD to check out historic Vidler’s 5 and 10¢ Store. It was really cool, but cooler when Rudy found the toys! I told him he could get 1 thing. He walked around with a couple toys for awhile, but then finally settled on a Transformer (Wing Slicer Star Scream, to be exact – one that Jared always wanted as a kid) and then we left. Crisis averted. 

We wanted to see what the venue was like, and it was right down the street from where we were. Perfect! A fun little coffee shop right on the main drag. The staff was kind and we relaxed for a bit until a parking spot opened up in front. Enough time to apply some make up, get set up and get going. It was hot and humid (big shocker) so we took breaks between loading all our gear in to stand under the coffee cup outside the venue that had mist coming from it! Such a sweet and clever idea to have it look like steam from a cup of coffee, but feel like cool, sprinkles of refreshment!! I would recommend every shop in the whole area get one. 

The Show: A totally different feeling from the night before, we began the gig to a freckling of patrons in the shop, some repeats from the house concert, some strangers. We found out on our break that a couple of ladies just passing through, heard our sound check and stayed the whole first set! The audience never really got bigger than probably 10 people, but it was nice to just get to play a sweet couple sets and bring out some more emotional tunes. Overall, the night was a success. We sold some shirts, cds, a download card and made new fans. Not bad for a gig we grabbed last minute. (Thanks again Margaret!) 

We said our goodbyes and popped onto the freeway, ready to begin the 8 1/2 hour drive to Shelbyville, KY to visit my brother (Caanan) and his fiancé (Kristine). Our goal tonight was to just get a couple hours in, spend the night at a rest stop, then kick it off early in the morn. (By early, I mean by 9 or so)

I feel like Rudy said it best when he realized that we would be back on the road and in the truck for the night. “Yeah! We’re on tour again!!” We are all feeling it. I mean, we will be staying with my bro for a couple days, so we’re hardly going to be “roughing it” anytime soon, but at least we’re moving again. I’ll be so interested to see how this manifests in Rudy as he gets older. Will he long to travel and keep moving if he stays out for too long? Will he feel like he’s seen it all and just want to have a quiet, still life? Will he meet someone on the road with us that forever influences him? Will he pursue music or will he keep it at bay? Every single time we ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he responds the same way, “I just want to be me.” I like that. He leaves it so open. I, for one, ALWAYS knew what I wanted to do. Both my parents knew, and I think they were a little nervous because they were both in the business and knew what a pit of despair it can be. But both of them gave me incredible advice and support over the years, really helping me get to where I am now. I only hope Jared and I can be like that for Rudes, whatever version of himself he chooses to be. 

Quick P.S. from Jared: I thought a great tag line for this company would be: “Just relax and we’ll make this as painless as possible.”

Please feel free to post your tag line ideas for Pfister Real Estate Group. This should be fun!

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