First, some tiny little trees, brush strokes of muted green. Then, add some cows with specks of black and brown, one single tail swiping left and right. Wispy, stiff and bent branches, mirroring the rounded hill tops and pointy snow-capped mountain ridges. Dust over the grasses with the faintest bits of yellow. Spatter bright green into the deep spaces where the hills’ toes touch and clumps of treetops lazily stretch to the sky for a breath of the blue. Glossy and still water, not yet ready to travel down the highway side with us, blinks her ripples in slow motion as we pass. A freight train appears in the distance, set there by a model builder to add authenticity to this rural, American snapshot, the cherry on the top of the painting we’ll call, “The Traveler’s Morning”.

We rode in silence for a good portion of our morning taking in all the subtle colors and movement of the landscape as the sun woke everything up. Then, Jared saw a sign for a town called “Durkee” and made up a nursery rhyme type song in which I quickly joined him and together, we imagined a world where the great underdog college team, the “Durkee Turkeys” clinched the win and proudly returned to their one street town with the season trophy! 

And so goes the travels of the creative masterminds behind all the Champagne Sunday magic you all have come to know and love. 😂

Oh Lord…stuck in Ogden again. 

This town was IMPOSSIBLE to leave. And all we wanted to do was LEAVE. From the Jeremiah Lounge and Garden with entirely too much shitty country music and too little appreciation for rainbow hair, to the goose chase for coffee, to the ever elusive mailbox and finally, the gas station that wasn’t. Please let us leave! A small stop to stretch, eat some dinner, make a quick video and grab gas turned into a 2 1/2 revolving door around and around the “great city” of Ogden. 

I will say this. Strangely, the “Garden” portion of the Jeremiah Lounge and Garden, was really nice. It was chilly in a brisk way, but the sky was blue and it felt so nice to be able to stretch our legs. It was covered in boulders, rocks and water falls, and walking bridges crossed over koi ponds with huge fish in them. We found a little ledge atop a waterfall with a nice mountain range view and decided to play a little music there. The town felt very much like one of our old songs, so we were inspired to play it. (See our Patreon page for the full video).

Once the delightful moment of playing music in their stone garden was over, we thought it best to get moving again. But, just when we thought we were out, they pulled us back in! From one wrong turn to one dead-ended-google-search after another, we finally just laughed when we FINALLY got on the 70 over an HOUR after our initial attempt to leave began. 

After several hours of progress, some whiskey and a serious crossword were calling our name. So we rolled into a truck stop in Green River, CO (a bit west of Grand Junction) tucked our truck n trailer into a corner of the lot, poured a couple of nips into some plastic wine glasses from the nudist park, and cuddled up with our NY Times Sunday Morning crossword. The lamest rockstars on the planet…but at least we’ve got each other. 

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