Summed up best by Jared, “There is no fun side to this.”

Still no luck with the generator, even with the new part AND taking the whole thing out. There are several more details, but, quite frankly, I’m tired of writing about it. I’m also writing this before the day is totally over, so maybe something will go right soon. All I know is that we have a hotel room reserved for tomorrow night and I couldn’t be happier…

Ok. End of day summary. 

No way to fix the generator. $2500 to replace it. 

Bought an inverter that takes a direct current outlet and turns it into an alternating current one. Basically we jimmy-rigged the thing so we could use some outlets. The power isn’t great, but we are able to charge some minor devices, a couple at a time. At this point, we’ve dumped so much into this thing for such little return, that our desire to donate the Lindy to the Tacoma Dome for the Monster Truck rally and watch as she gets crushed by the infamous Grave Digger, then set on fire, has deepened into a nagging obsession. And unless we stumble upon $2500 for a new generator, we may just throw the burning party ourselves. Sure would make for a great music video. I do think I may have to write a sequel to “Life Fantastic”…perhaps call it, “Ha ha. The joke’s on you”. Still a working title. 

*on a side note, we’d really like to thank our friend, David Lenwell, for donating an entire Saturday to the cause and tirelessly helping make trips to the auto store AND even buying US lunch. A true friend. I may even forgive him for leaving me stranded in a house full of cat hair. I almost died, but it was worth it. Rudy had a ball with Dave’s son, Devon, and, as per usual, never even caught on to the fact that our whole life feels like it’s falling apart. 

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