Today was beautiful out on the farm. We awoke with the bright sunshine, the call of the rooster, and a nice breeze from the air conditioning unit that Shane had installed in the “cabin” between last summer and this. (Thank you SO much!) 

I spent the morning sunbathing and reading a book. Rudy got in some YouTube time and reading, switching off because I’m still trying to do my diligent parental duties and keep his brain functioning. Jared worked on posting several days’ worth of blogs. Rudy also helped with some animal chores like collecting eggs, feeding the chickens and Molly the calf, and then did some four-wheeler driving!

He is actually quite good, careful, and even got the hang of switching gears! We all agreed that “farm living” was NOT particularly the life for us, but we LOVE visiting and getting to experience it. 

Our hosts, Shane and Quenby were celebrating their 26th anniversary, so we were obviously the best band to book because we love LOVE so much and love celebrating the love others share. We were grateful and surprised that so many people showed up, especially since 80% had never heard of us. 

Here are some awesome shots from the show! Photos by David Sidle

The night was full of stories and laughter, joy, and honesty. A wonderful blend of crazy and sincere, thought provoking and full on entertaining. We truly love getting to do our job, and again, it is especially an honor when people invite us into their homes. 

The “Super Moon” was out in all her glory that night and we capped off our evening with some honey whiskey from Colorado and a spectacular view. We love the farm. Thank you Shane and Quenby for opening your home to us again. Hope to see you next year! 

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