It was an ordinary morning. Cartoons, kisses, forgotten backpack, foggy mist chills waiting for the bus, more kisses, extra tight hugs, an “I love you” sign flashed from the second-to-last bus row from behind the dirty, tinted window. Then he was gone.

For three weeks, we will tour for the first time without our guardian angel, Rudy. The ever-present voice of encouragement and love, “speaking words of wisdom” from the backseat. Jared and I thought about it as we were planning to leave. This is the first time in the entirety of our band (about 17 years) that we will be touring alone. No band mates, no other artists, no kid, no pets, no friends or family. Just Jessi and Jared. How EVER shall we spend our time?!?! Honestly, we really did WANT to take Rudes, but since we’re taking a week vacation at the end of April, that would have just been way too much school to miss. So, we left him in the care of our dear friends, “Nay Nay and Dr. Phun”, with a mile long list of his friends to see, fun activities to do and art camp planned for his spring break. Then we loaded up the truck with bedding, the trailer with gear, and launched into the Spring Balance tour, first stop, Denver.

The prospect of getting to spend 3 uninterrupted weeks with my husband is both romantic and mysterious. All the time we’ve spent together in the past 8 years has been happily dedicated in a large percentage to parenting, home stuff, Champagne Sunday, friends, family, etc. You know, all the normal stuff that comprises a marriage. So, I’m hoping the pockets of silence and open stretches of highway will inspire our typically over-stimulated brains to relax a bit, encouraging the subconscious thoughts to take a more active role in moving the conversation into directions we haven’t gone in some time. Or, perhaps we’ll just talk about corn dogs, balloons, and the temperature of toenails…or something like that.

Who knows where this adventure will lead. But, one thing’s for certain that we haven’t been able to say for years…if the truck is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!!

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