I grew up being a GIANT fan of the Seattle grunge rock scene. It makes the following that much more gratifying:

Since our music was first available on iTunes, whenever we would search “Champagne Sunday”, a Cosmic Psychos song by that name would always come up amidst our music. Until then, I had no idea whatsoever who Cosmic Psychos were. It turns out that they were an Australian underground punk band that had a huge influence on the scene that had a huge influence on me. In fact, Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder have both cited Cosmic Psychos as influences on their music.

In their song “Champagne Sunday”, they repeat the lyrics “Champagne Sunday’s okay”, which, even though the song was written eleven years before we became a band, makes us feel pretty cool. Not as cool as, say, Pearl Jam releasing a song called “Champagne Sunday Changed My Life” on their next album, but it’ll do for now.

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