“Everybody wants my job, no one wants to live like me.” -Jared Fredeen, “What We Got”

This is the way of things. Jared and I have been deemed the “musician’s pound”. A safe place for musicians who aren’t really sure what they want, if they’re ready to commit, musicians who haven’t fit in with other bands, musicians who aren’t wanted. We feel like everyone needs a chance, and a second chance, and a third chance, and…well, you get the idea.

For several years now we have plugged in members and done whatever it took to convince our fans and ourselves that it was the right move, that this was really the direction we wanted to go. This has not always been untrue, nor has it been unproductive. With each new member that we had to teach our songs to, our love for the music grew stronger. Our fight for the Champagne Sunday uniqueness sunk deeper, we ebbed and flowed with each new incarnation of the project and found young beauties in old songs, fresh approaches to stale arrangements, but, even more than that, Jared and I began to see just how special we are together musically.

The duo of Jared and Jessi is a sacred place. The love we share as husband and wife subtly weaves it’s way into the tenderness exchanged when I play a foundational rhythm guitar under his heartfelt solo or when Jared carefully sings a back up vocal to my intimate lead vocal. The passion we have fought for as partners shines out when we’re hammering away with percussive, driving tempos and clean melodies or intricately picking and strumming along to long rehearsed and struggled through harmonies. These are the moments that people can not define. These are the secrets that we share that our audiences get to peek in at and feel, unlike so many live shows, like they’re apart of something so real and so honest. These are the times that we feel we are soaring with no end in sight, with no one, no thing to weigh us down, no obstacle to impede our progress.

Dreams are no place for weakness. Our dream is strong and fortified with countless hours, tears, harmonies, laughter, lyrics, anger and truth. Evan’s departure from Champagne Sunday is but a stone in sand. Left where it is, unchanging the greater goal.

“Tomorrow things might fall apart, but tonight I’m sittin, singin with my FRIEND.” Thank you for your words, Jared. Now let’s go kick some ass!

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