It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged about anything. Not for lack of activity, though. Since our last post, we’ve settled into our new home in Tacoma, gotten pregnant, signed with Maurice the Fish Records, played a number of awesome shows, and watched the entire series of “Lost” in what we’re sure must be a pathetically record-breaking less-than-two-week timespan. Given all that, it’s difficult to re-enter the blogosphere with a post that justifies such a long absence, or one that sufficiently catches everyone up on the goings-on of the past few months. So I thought it might be best to just go the exact opposite direction and reintroduce ourselves with a trivial, albeit somewhat amusing, factoid:

Mozart LOVED poop and fart jokes. True story. This renegade genius is arguably the starting point of everything that is awesome about music, and his favorite pastime might well have been “pull my finger”. Considering that our song “Dostoevsky” is usually introduced to audiences with the phrase “I wrote this song while taking a dump”, I take comfort in the knowledge that Mozart would have approved.

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